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  • Stand With Millions In India : Defend Secularism & Democracy From Hindutva Fascism !

    22 janvier, par India Civil Watch-Montreal — NEWS AND ANALYSIS,
    On 26th January 2020, Republic Day in India, we, the residents of Tiohtiá:ke (unceded Indigenous territory otherwise known as Montreal), will join people around the globe who stand in solidarity with millions across India fighting for democracy and secularism and against Hindutva fascism. (...)
  • We Must Support the Revolution in Iraq !

    22 janvier, par Alternatives — NEWS AND ANALYSIS
    On October 1, 2019, a popular protest movement ("Tishreen" revolution) erupted throughout Iraq, mainly in Baghdad and the cities of Basra, Najaf, Nasriyeh and Diwaniya. Led mainly by youth, precarious and poor workers, the movement has women at the forefront. Their demands include dignity, jobs (...)

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