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  • Bolivian Horizons : An Interview with Pablo Solón

    Octobre 2019, par Jeffery R. Webber and Pablo Solón — NEWS AND ANALYSIS
    Bolivians went to the polls on Sunday, October 20, 2019. According to the country's electoral system, in order to avoid a second round in presidential elections the leading candidate must secure 51 per cent of the vote, or more than 40 per cent of the vote and a lead of 10 per cent over the (...)
  • Appeal to Bollywood Actors to Support BDS Movement

    Octobre 2019, par Alternatives international — NEWS AND ANALYSIS,
    We, members of the artistic community in Canada and the USA, appeal to the actors from Bollywood to withdraw their participation to the Indo Fest TLV to be held in Tel Aviv, Israel later this month. We make this appeal because Israel overtly uses culture as a form of propaganda to deny human (...)
  • Justin Trudeau’s Political Setback : A Surprise to the World, but Not to Canada

    Octobre 2019, par Jeremy Wildeman — NEWS AND ANALYSIS,
    From riding to power comfortably four years ago, the Canadian prime minister must now head a minority government. Canada's federal election campaign highlighted a struggle that caught the world by surprise. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was on the ropes throughout the campaign, just four years (...)
  • Gun island by Amitava Ghosh

    Octobre 2019, par Shireen Mehdi — NEWS AND ANALYSIS
    I will begin by confessing that Amitava Ghosh has been one of my favourite authors from the time I read his book ‘In An Antique Land'. That book left me mesmerized. I too am a student of sociology and social anthropology. This sociological / historical story is told around the ancient trade (...)
  • 21st century is the century of Women’s Revolution !

    Octobre 2019, par Besime Konca — NEWS AND ANALYSIS
    The following statement was presented by Besime Konca of the Kurdish Women's Movement at “Defend the Sacred” Conference, 17th August 2019. Dear women, dear friends, We have come together in Tamera, Portugal to collectively find a way to defend the sacred. But what does “sacred” even mean? In the (...)

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