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  • Sudan’s Youth Showed Us How to Counter Sexual Violence

    Septembre 2019, par Hala Al-Karib — NEWS AND ANALYSIS,
    "We need to understand that sexual violence is not an unintended result of the actions of political regimes, but rather a key instrument of their power." In Sudan, sexual violence is a persistent problem that has roots not only in misogyny, homophobia and politics of domination but also in the (...)
  • Kashmir - Need for International Mediation

    Septembre 2019, par Sumanta Banerjee — NEWS AND ANALYSIS
    “The principle of non-interference with domestic jurisdiction state cannot be regarded as a protective barrier behind which human rights could be massively or systematically violated with impunity. -Javier Perez De Cuellar, United Nations Secretary General on the eve of his retirement in (...)
  • Gender Equality in Tunisia : Still A Long Way to Go

    Septembre 2019, par Messaoud Romdhani — NEWS AND ANALYSIS
    August 13, is a milestone in the history of women's emancipation in Tunisia. In 1956 and just a few months after the independence of the country, the new government promulgated the code of personal status that abolished polygamy, set up a judicial procedure for divorce and required that (...)
  • “Jammu Kashmir : They Make a Desolation and Call it Peace”

    Septembre 2019, par Kavya Kamal — NEWS AND ANALYSIS
    The abrogation on August 6 of Article 370 and 35 A, that provided special status to Jammu and Kashmir, received a mixed response. While politically the decision has been hailed by several parties, apart from the house arrest of former Omar Abdullah and Mehbooba Mufti, there have been reports of (...)
  • Imagine a Free Palestine

    Septembre 2019, par Justin Podur — NEWS AND ANALYSIS
    I wrote Siegebreakers because I can't liberate Gaza or Palestine, but I can dream about it. I wanted it to be a proximate dream, a dream of the next step from now, not a distant dream that depends on too many unpredictable things going right. I wanted to write about how just a few things going (...)

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