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  • Far Right Vigilantes Attack Land Defenders and Organized Workers

    26 février, par Jeff Shantz — NEWS AND ANALYSIS,
    “Rule of Law” and Class Violence Fascism is bare knuckle capitalism. A key element of fascist mobilizations is a fighting street force. Vigilantes ready and willing to attacked organized members of the working class, exploited, and oppressed. With fascism on the rise across many of the so-called (...)
  • Why Public Transit Should Be Free For All

    23 février, par Davide Mastracci — NEWS AND ANALYSIS,
    Drivers in Canada often complain of a “war on cars” that is supposedly being waged in cities throughout the country. This metaphorical war is non-existent, but that's unfortunate because such a war would be justified, given the severity of the environmental and social crises we face. As it (...)
  • Eco Socialism or Social Ecology the Answer to Eco Capitalism

    21 février, par Donald Cuccioletta — NEWS AND ANALYSIS,
    This is the fourth and the final article in this series, the first three were published in the December 2019 and January and February 2020 issues of the AIJ. As we have become aware of this equilateral triangle of Climate Change, Militarization and of Democracy in Peril, the obvious question (...)
  • Indigenous Resistance Shakes the Canadian State

    20 février, par John Clarke — NEWS AND ANALYSIS,
    In early February, the RCMP, Canada's colonial police force, raided the land defender camps of the Wet'suwet'en people in British Columbia, in order to clear the way for pipeline construction. Clearly, none of the political decision makers responsible for this repressive action ever imagined (...)
  • India’s Citizenship Act and the Politics of Belonging

    14 février, par Priya Nair — NEWS AND ANALYSIS
    “My daughter and I have been going to India almost every year since she was four years old. This past year when we went, she told me, ‘Ma, this is not the India that I remember.' I feel she is right... today in India, I see a marked change - people do not have time for their neighbours like they (...)

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