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  • Inoculating Against Globalization : Coronavirus and the Search for Alternatives

    12 mars, par Sam Gindin — NEWS AND ANALYSIS
    Social developments constantly surprise. The latest anxieties over the economic contradictions of extreme globalization haven't been triggered by a trade war, inter-imperial rivalry, a financial meltdown or riots in the streets. They've rather been sparked by an apparently non-economic and (...)
  • Let Us Heal Our Dilli

    3 mars, par Farah Naqvi, Sarojini N, Navsharan Singh, Naveen Chander — NEWS AND ANALYSIS
    Date of visit: February 27, 2020 Team: Farah Naqvi, Sarojini N, Navsharan Singh, Naveen Chander Areas/Mohallas visited: Bhajanpura, Chand Bagh, Gokulpuri, Chaman Park, Shiv Vihar, Main Mustafabad (including Bhagirathi Vihar, Brijpuri) This visit was intended to give us a sense of what this (...)
  • Demonstration to Denounce Muslim Genocide in Delhi, India

    29 février, par India Civil Watch-Montreal — NEWS AND ANALYSIS
    Montreal, February 29, 2020. At 1pm, on Sunday, March 1st, at Metro Parc, Indians and Canadians based in Montreal are demonstrating to denounce the genocide in Delhi, in solidarity with the Muslims, Dalit-Bahujans (so-called lower castes), adivasis (Indigenous peoples) and other victims and (...)
  • After Losing Delhi Election, BJP Wreaking Vengeance On City’s Minorities

    29 février, par Vinod Mubayi — NEWS AND ANALYSIS,
    The rout of the BJP in the Delhi election, while very welcome, should not blind one to the fact that the real political struggle is taking place in the streets not in the electoral arena. This struggle is directly related to the secular nature of the Indian state and the future existence of (...)
  • Algerian Hirak After One Year

    26 février, par Messaoud Romdhani — NEWS AND ANALYSIS,
    Still the Same Determination… Despite Blurry Future Algerians are celebrating this week one year since the beginning of the Hirak on 22 February 2019, a protest movement that was triggered against President Abdelaziz Bouteflika's fifth mandate, to end up weeks later with the demand of the (...)

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