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  • India’s Moral Cancer- Delhi’s November 1984 Sikh Genocide

    3 novembre, par Pritam Singh — NEWS AND ANALYSIS
    It is 35 years back that the massacre of Sikhs took place mostly in Delhi but also in many North Indian towns in the first week of November to ‘teach them a lesson' i.e. to beat them to submission before Hindu majoritarianism in India. The deep wounds inflicted by that genocidal murder spree (...)
  • Kashmir : Three Months Later

    31 octobre, par Vinod Mubayi and Raza Mir — NEWS AND ANALYSIS,
    For the vast majority of the people of Kashmir, the agony continues with no end in sight. Dribs and drabs of the reduction of oppressive measures, like restoration of landline telephones that few people have, treated by the credulous Indian media as restoration of normalcy, cut little ice with (...)
  • Revolution and Counterrevolution in Rojava

    28 octobre, par Fouad Oveisy — NEWS AND ANALYSIS,
    As I write, the revolution in Rojava is under existential threat. This threat was aggravated by a controversial roller coaster of recent events. After a late Sunday night phone conversation between US President Donald Trump and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the White House released a (...)
  • A Brief History of Politeness

    28 octobre, par Satya Sagar — NEWS AND ANALYSIS
    From political speech to social media tirades, for half a decade or more now, the use of rude language, gestures and threats has become ubiquitous around the globe. The complete absence of politeness – along with (or because of) growing economic woes, political turmoil and ecological destruction (...)
  • Iraqi Women Journalists Forum Takes Part in Demonstrations : Demands Protection of Journalists and Demonstrators

    26 octobre, par Iraqi Women Journalists Forum (IWJF) — NEWS AND ANALYSIS,
    IWJF took part in protests in Baghdad and the provinces on Friday 25th October to demand constitutional rights, change the government, and hold early elections. The demonstrations in Baghdad and the provinces witnessed a large participation with tens of thousands, most of them young, people (...)

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