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  • A Green New Deal Needs to Fight US Militarism

    10 mai, par Phyllis Bennis — NEWS AND ANALYSIS
    We can't heal the climate if the US war machine keeps raining destruction, absorbing resources, and gobbling up fossil fuels all around the world. Here's how to stop it. The war on terror unleashed in the wake of the 9/11 terrorist attack has led to almost two decades of unchecked militarism. (...)
  • Hard Time for Arab Dictators

    1er mai, par Messaoud Romdhani — NEWS AND ANALYSIS,
    At a time when good memories of the 2011 Arab Spring are about to fade away, when the then raised hope is about to give place to despair and disillusion, Sudan and Algeria have caught the world's attention as millions of people in both countries took to the streets in endless and determined (...)
  • No Compromise on the Civilian Transitional Power

    1er mai, par Sudanese Communist Party — NEWS AND ANALYSIS,
    The Sudanese Communist Party has declared its clear Stance: No compromise on the Civilian Transitional Power. In a separate development, the Alliance for Freedom and Change stressed in a statement issued on the 29th April that "the Military Transitional Council (MTC) - the new copy of the old (...)
  • A Vote For Apartheid : The End of the Two States Proposal

    24 avril, par Katja Hermann — NEWS AND ANALYSIS,
    Katja Hermann, director of the West Asia Unit at the Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung in Berlin, in conversation with Dr. Mustafa Barghouti, general secretary of the Palestinian National Initiative(Mubadara), about the impact of the Israeli elections on the lives of everyday Palestinians. Katja Hermann (...)
  • Update on Sudan

    22 avril, par Sudanese Communist Party — NEWS AND ANALYSIS
    The Central Committee of the Sudanese Communist Party has issued a statement demanding: An end of the rule of the Military Transitional Council (MTC) and the immediate transfer of power to the legitimate representatives of the people. The statement reinforced its declared stand to work with all (...)

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