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  • The Significance of the Sudanese Revolution

    14 juillet, par Saladdin Ahmed — NEWS AND ANALYSIS
    The ongoing Sudanese revolution has emerged at a time when most of us had already given up any realistic hope for what has become known as the Arab Spring. Yet, if anything, the revolutionaries in Sudan have the best chance yet of simultaneously defeating both nationalist dictatorship and (...)
  • Why a Hipster, Vegan, Green Tech Economy is Not Sustainable

    10 juin, par Vijay Kolinjivadi — NEWS AND ANALYSIS
    Improving eco-efficiency within a capitalist growth-oriented system will not save the environment. On the western borderlands of Montreal's well-to-do Outremont district and the ultra-hipsterised and gentrified Mile End lies an expanse of land where the University of Montreal is currently (...)
  • Public Statement on the Suicide of Dr Payal Tadvi in Mumbai

    6 juin, par PADS — NEWS AND ANALYSIS
    Dr Payal Tadvi, an Adivasi Muslim from one of the most backward tribes of India committed suicide on 22 May in her hostel room in a Mumbai hospital. She was a post-graduate resident doctor in the hospital. Many times before her suicide her mother and husband had given written representations to (...)
  • Indian Elections 2019 : Challenges Ahead

    1er juin, par Alternatives International — NEWS AND ANALYSIS,
    Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) won a second mandate to run the government as the election results announced on May 23, 2019 clearly show. They got more seats than they had won in 2014 and their vote share also increased. From a total of 543 seats in the Parliament, the BJP has won 303 and the (...)
  • European Union-Tunisia Relationship : "Stop People but Let Goods Through"

    30 mai, par Messaoud Romdhani — NEWS AND ANALYSIS,
    In the aftermath of what 's often been referred to as the "Arab Spring", the European Union (EU) gave much more attention to the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Region, especially to Tunisia, where the democratic transition was more likely to bring about hope, as its peaceful political (...)

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