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  • Sudan : Relentless Harassment, Intimidation and Censorship of Journalists Must End

    5 novembre, par Amnesty International Report — NEWS AND ANALYSIS,
    2 November 2018 Sudanese authorities have this year been unrelenting in their quest to silence independent media by arresting and harassing journalists, and censoring both print and broadcast media, Amnesty International said today. The organization documented the arrest and detention of at (...)
  • After the Aasia Bibi Verdict, A Longer Battle

    5 novembre, par HRCP — NEWS AND ANALYSIS,
    Lahore, 1 November 2018. The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) has greatly welcomed the Supreme Court's landmark judgement acquitting 47-year-old Aasia Bibi, a Christian woman convicted of blasphemy in 2010 and sentenced to death. In a statement issued today, HRCP has said: ‘While there (...)
  • Quebec Solidaire : Understanding Its 2018 Electoral Breakthrough

    30 octobre, par Roger Rashi — NEWS AND ANALYSIS,
    Summing up the October 1st provincial election results, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, co-spokesperson of Québec solidaire, said it best: “the era of the two-party system is finished in Quebec.” Indeed, the political landscape has changed radically. The two parties that dominated Quebec politics for the (...)
  • Brazil : The Collapse of Democracy ?

    29 octobre, par Alfredo Saad-Filho — NEWS AND ANALYSIS,
    Brazil will elect its new President on 28 October 2018. Since the judicial-parliamentary coup that removed elected President Dilma Rousseff, of the Workers' Party (PT), the new administration (led by her former Vice-President, Michel Temer) has advanced its agenda of neoliberal ‘reforms'. The (...)
  • Brazil Poll Results : Anxieties and Hopes

    15 octobre, par Pritam Singh & Niemeyer Almeida Filho — NEWS AND ANALYSIS
    A white backlash much like India's upper caste consolidation makes it appear that the right-wing candidate might win in the second round as he was close to the 50 per cent threshold in the first round. But the left candidate might win if the dynamics of voting intentions changes in the next few (...)

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