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  • Palestinian Legal Activism, Between Liberation And The ‘Desire’ For Statehood

    7 mars, par Emilio Dabed — NEWS AND ANALYSIS
    Contemporary Palestinian politics is marked by paradoxical dynamics: while we observe an entrenchment of the colonial regime, division within the national movement, territorial and institutional fragmentation, and heightened authoritarianism, we also witness a growing reliance on international (...)
  • Right to Dignity and Privacy

    14 février — NEWS AND ANALYSIS
    Humanity has historically fought against the abuses of governments that use their economic, military and technological power to adopt and impose policies and measures that threaten the dignity of humankind. The recent statement by US Secretary of Homeland Security, John Kelly, at the US House (...)
  • Make Montreal a Sanctuary City !

    8 février, par Donald Cuccioletta & Michel Lambert — NEWS AND ANALYSIS
    In the aftermath of the Quebec City tragedy, we need more than solidarity messages Toronto, Vancouver and Hamilton have adopted "Sanctuary City" status. So have 37 cities in the United States. It's time for Montreal to join the movement ! The horrific crime that has taken six lives in Quebec (...)
  • Will Washington’s New Pro-Moscow, Anti-Beijing Gang Drive a Wedge Through the BRICS in 2017 ?

    6 février, par Patrick Bond — NEWS AND ANALYSIS
    The weeks following an underwhelming Brazil-Russia-India-China-South Africa (BRICS) mid-September summit in Goa and the United States presidential election in November have unveiled ever-widening contradictions. Thanks to blatant corruption, presidential delegitimation has reached unprecedented (...)
  • Gauging Politics From Fiction

    1er février, par Messaoud Romdhani — February 2017,
    David Ayer's film «Suicide Squad», which broke box office records, was portrayed by critics as “two hours of soul-sickening confusion and sensory damage.” Its heroes (read: villains) have nothing in common with romantic and “noble” heroes like Zorro who defends the poor against the forces of (...)

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