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  • Indigenous Resistance Shakes the Canadian State

    20 février, par John Clarke — NEWS AND ANALYSIS
    In early February, the RCMP, Canada's colonial police force, raided the land defender camps of the Wet'suwet'en people in British Columbia, in order to clear the way for pipeline construction. Clearly, none of the political decision makers responsible for this repressive action ever imagined (...)
  • India’s Citizenship Act and the Politics of Belonging

    14 février, par Priya Nair — NEWS AND ANALYSIS
    “My daughter and I have been going to India almost every year since she was four years old. This past year when we went, she told me, ‘Ma, this is not the India that I remember.' I feel she is right... today in India, I see a marked change - people do not have time for their neighbours like they (...)
  • Here We Are !

    4 février, par Bernard Dreano — NEWS AND ANALYSIS
    On the social and political situation in France in 2020. On est là / On est là / Même si Macron ne veut pas nous on est là/ Pour l'honneur des travailleurs / Et pour un monde meilleur / Même si Macron ne veut pas nous on est là ! Here we are/ Here we are/ Even if Macron does not want it, here we (...)
  • An Insurgent Constitutionalism is Driving Popular Politics in India Today

    3 février, par Ranabir Samaddar — NEWS AND ANALYSIS,
    Probably for the first time in the history of the republic, it is not jurists and lawyers who are interpreting the constitution. The street has taken their place. In his perceptive commentary, “Modi-Shah Duo Bring about a Fine Unintended Consequence” (The Wire, 19 January 2020), Badri Raina (...)
  • The ‘Deal of the Century’ is Apartheid

    3 février, par Sheena Anne Arackal — NEWS AND ANALYSIS,
    With great fanfare, President Trump finally unveiled his long-anticipated Middle East peace proposal. The proposal was labeled ‘The Deal of the Century' because it was supposed to offer an even-handed and just solution to one of the world's most intractable conflicts. Instead it does something (...)

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