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  • Iraqi Women Journalists Forum Takes Part in Demonstrations : Demands Protection of Journalists and Demonstrators

    Octobre 2019, par Iraqi Women Journalists Forum (IWJF) — NEWS AND ANALYSIS
    IWJF took part in protests in Baghdad and the provinces on Friday 25th October to demand constitutional rights, change the government, and hold early elections. The demonstrations in Baghdad and the provinces witnessed a large participation with tens of thousands, most of them young, people (...)
  • Our Brezhnev Moment

    Octobre 2019, par George Monbiot — NEWS AND ANALYSIS
    Neoliberalism has stalled, so the fanatics in government are using Brexit to revive it. At first sight it's incomprehensible. Why risk everything for a no-deal Brexit? Breaking up their own party, losing their parliamentary majority, dismantling the United Kingdom (1) trashing the economy, (...)
  • Chileans Have Launched a General Strike Against Austerity

    Octobre 2019, par Felipe Lagos-Rojas and Francisca Gómez-Baeza — NEWS AND ANALYSIS
    Chile is the original home of neoliberalism, first begun after the overthrow of President Salvador Allende in 1973. If you listen closely to mass protests on the streets today, you can hear Allende's last words: “The people must defend themselves.” In Chile's main cities, armed forces and tanks (...)
  • Bolivian Horizons : An Interview with Pablo Solón

    Octobre 2019, par Jeffery R. Webber and Pablo Solón — NEWS AND ANALYSIS
    Bolivians went to the polls on Sunday, October 20, 2019. According to the country's electoral system, in order to avoid a second round in presidential elections the leading candidate must secure 51 per cent of the vote, or more than 40 per cent of the vote and a lead of 10 per cent over the (...)
  • Appeal to Bollywood Actors to Support BDS Movement

    Octobre 2019, par Alternatives international — NEWS AND ANALYSIS,
    We, members of the artistic community in Canada and the USA, appeal to the actors from Bollywood to withdraw their participation to the Indo Fest TLV to be held in Tel Aviv, Israel later this month. We make this appeal because Israel overtly uses culture as a form of propaganda to deny human (...)

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